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samedi taps Kahun’s XAI clinical-intake chatbot as the solution to ‘doctor deserts’ in Germany

AI Will Shatter Health Inequity, But Only With Doctors’ Trust

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What’s stopping chatbots from reducing medical burnout and improving care?

The new gold standard for clinical assessment will drastically improve healthcare

Kahun Integrates Its XAI Clinical Assessment Tool Into HELIXVM’s Virtual Solution.

Kahun Outperforms the Data Gathering of Existing Tools - Assessing data gathering of chatbot based symptom checkers

Here's for growth!

How Technology Can Prevent Telemedicine from Becoming the "MiniDisc of HealthCare”

Assessing the Performance of a New Artificial Intelligence–Driven Diagnostic Support Tool Using Medical Board Exam Simulations

Visit time reduced by 32% using Kahun’s Clinical Assessment Tool

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