Evidence-Based AI Designed for Clinical Reasoning

Kahun's technology bridges the gap between text-based research publications and clinical decision making.

Kahun AI designed to think like a doctor

Get to know Kahun's core:
Our evidence-based knowledge graph

The knowledge graph captures the complex interrelations between thousands of diseases and findings. Our proprietary AI engine generates and infers from complex variants of large Bayesian networks that link diseases, findings, complications, risk factors, causal information, and statistics—all based on the most up-to-date medical information.

Kahun AI

The Knowledge Graph

A mapped version of evidence based medical literature


By merging AI methodologies and a community of medical experts, we annotate and process existing clinical literature and fully capture its complex associations.


We encode the evidence-based clinical knowledge and transform it into a machine-readable medical knowledge graph.


The knowledge graph displays causal, associative and quantitative information about risk factors, clinical manifestations, lab abnormalities, imaging findings, and more.


Using standard terminologies such as SNOMED-CT and LOINC, Kahun speaks the same language as physicians and EHR systems.


Dynamic and growing daily with each new paper published, the knowledge graph keeps you current on millions of relations between disorders, complications, findings, incidence and prevalence rates, drug side effects, and more.

Clinical reasoning you can trust.

Our AI inference engine connects pieces of medical knowledge to patients' clinical presentation.

Generates a ranked list of differential diagnoses

Suggests options for further workup

Assesses the factors that can impact the ranking

Kahun Inference Engine

A clear path to the knowledge you need

Evidence-based clinical interviewA clear path to the knowledgeTailored to your patientAI that thinks like you


Evidence-based clinical interview

The assessment is conducted with the same reasoning that guides an experienced physician


A clear path to the knowledge

Each question is backed by a reasoning path that connects back to the originating source of evidence


Tailored to your patient

Our AI algorithm considers millions of complex associations linking thousands of diseases and findings to come up with the next best question for your specific patient


AI that thinks like you

Hypothesis-driven data collection, not based on big data or static decision trees