Evidence-Based AI, Designed for Clinical Reasoning

Kahun's multi-modal solution closes the clinical value gap by delivering the clinical validation that enables trusted Gen-AI for healthcare.

Kahun's core

Our evidence-based knowledge graph

Our knowledge graph captures the complex interrelations between thousands of conditions and findings. Our proprietary AI engine generates and infers from complex variants of large Bayesian networks that link diseases, findings, complications, risk factors, causal information, and statistics—all based on the most up-to-date medical information.

A mapped version of evidence based medical literature

Clinically Mapped Data and Transparent AI

By merging AI methodologies and a community of medical experts, we process existing clinical literature and fully capture its complex associations.

Medical Knowledge Graph for Healthcare

We encode the evidence-based clinical knowledge and transform it into a machine-readable medical knowledge graph.

Mapping the Logical & Statistical Connections Across Medical Knowledge

The knowledge graph displays causal, associative and quantitative information about risk factors, clinical manifestations, lab abnormalities, imaging findings, and more.

Versatility as a Physician Co-Pilot Assisting You

Using standard terminologies, Kahun speaks the same language as physicians and EHR systems. Dynamic and growing daily with each new paper published, we keep you current on millions of relations between disorders, complications, findings, incidence & prevalence rates, drug side effects, and more.

Our clinical reasoning capabilities allow us to serve as the clinical foundation for the use of Generative AI in healthcare

Ensuring transparency, factuality, and consistency in clinical output.

See how Kahun can assist you

Mapped medical knowledge at your fingertips
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