What’s stopping chatbots from reducing medical burnout and improving care?


Eitan Ron, Co-Founder and CEO

February 20, 2023

OpenAI’s generative AI chatbot, ChatGPT, has captured the human imagination in recent weeks for its fluency and competent prose. ChatGPT is writing code for programmers and helping writers come up with outlines. It’s producing songs, movie plots, and even jokes. Yet ChatGPT’s greatest gift to the AI sector might have more to do with its unique talent of sparking optimism about the technology among even industry outsiders. 

So much of the conversation has shifted from what we can’t or shouldn’t do with AI, to the tremendous value it can offer humans. That’s especially true in healthcare, where AI offers enormous potential. 

Why do we need AI chatbots in healthcare?

Population growth, overuse of medical services, and lack of accessible care in isolated communities have resulted in physician burnout, which the American Medical Association (AMA) considers an epidemic in the U.S., with nearly 63 percent of physicians reporting signs of burnout. As a result, telehealth has become a necessary part of healthcare across the world. 

That’s where AI chatbots come in. Imagine a world where AI reduces the workload for physicians, freeing more of their time to assist in treatment plans for patients. This world is no longer a figment of our imagination, thanks to the integration of AI chatbots into the clinical workflow of healthcare providers. These chatbots have brought a new level of innovation to the healthcare industry, improving the quality of care for patients and relieving burnout for healthcare workers.

AI chatbots are being integrated into the clinical workflow of physicians in several ways:

  • Clinical support: AI chatbots can assist physicians in making treatment decisions by providing relevant information and suggesting evidence-based options.
  • Virtual triage: AI chatbots can assist patients in triaging their symptoms, provide basic information and suggest next steps.
  • Electronic health records: AI chatbots can help physicians navigate and extract information from electronic health records, saving time and improving accuracy.
  • Appointments and reminders: AI chatbots can help schedule appointments and send reminders to patients, reducing the burden on administrative staff.
  • Remote patient monitoring: AI chatbots can monitor and communicate with patients remotely, providing ongoing support and reducing the need for in-person visits.

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Clinical reasoning powered by explainable AI (XAI)

Kahun joined the fray of astoundingly successful AI developments in announcing its latest partnership last month. We integrated our clinical-reasoning chatbot into Helix Virtual Medicine’s cloud-based virtual care marketplace, showing evidence that its ability to replicate the physician’s clinical-reasoning process via explainable AI (XAI) optimizes patient visits. 

Image: Kahun's clinical assessment

Kahun offers HELIXVM’s medical professionals pre-visit clinical insights that cover the patient's symptoms and leave more time to focus on the treatment plan during visits. Here’s what HELIXVM found:

  • Kahun’s chatbot cuts patient-visit time by a whopping 30%.
  • 75% of HELIXVM patients complete Kahun’s assessment before seeing their physician, a rate HELIXVM reports continues to rise over time.

Through its advanced XAI engine, Kahun’s solution performs clinical reasoning at scale by basing its dynamic clinical assessment on the company’s proprietary map of over 30 million evidence-based medical insights. Kahun’s algorithmic engine utilizes its proprietary map in real time to generate clinical insights tailored to each specific patient. Insights are referenced and backed by links to originating knowledge. 

As such, Kahun bases its reasoning on clinical literature just as a human physician would, rather than on big data. By mastering the literature, Kahun offers physicians an effective tool to standardize care that eliminates bias. In Kahun’s clinical reasoning capabilities, HELIXVM’s medical staff now has a resource it can trust to catch up with the rising demand for quality healthcare, while standardizing care and documentation.

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Image Credit: Image by fullvector on Freepik

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