AI that thinks like a doctor

Replicating a physician’s clinical reasoning process, Kahun provides integrated solutions that serve as the digital front door between patient & physician interactions.

Kahun AI that thinks like a doctor

Mapping medical knowledge

Evidence-based medical knowledge summarized, referenced and available on demand.

Kahun delves into tens of thousands of medical references and research publications to create an evidence-based clinical graph that illustrates the relationship between symptoms, exams, [possible] conditions, and treatment options.

Virtual intake telehealth solution

Kahun is built and designed by physicians for physicians with interactive portals for patients and doctors

Physicians can trust Kahun’s insights with direct links between medical publications and trackable clinical origin, allowing more time to evaluate each patient and less time in Q&A and data entry.

Kahun Patient

Time the patient spends with Kahun

Kahun Doctor

Physician time reduced

Kahun Patient 1st

A five-minute query mimics patient-physician interaction using Kahun’s clinical reasoning medical knowledge map.

Kahun Physician Portal

Summary of questions, results, prognosis advisory, EHR integration, recommended lab tests, and thorough analysis