Transparent and referenced clinical reasoning
at scale

Replicating a physician's clinical reasoning process, Kahun performs gold-standard patient interviews based on over 30 Million medical insights.

Kahun AI that thinks like a doctor

Mapping medical knowledge

Kahun navigates within an immense pool of evidence-based medical knowledge to generate clinical insights that physicians can trust.

Our technology synthesizes the evidence-based relationships between symptoms, medical findings and possible conditions in order to provide insights to the clinician. Always referenced, always transparent.

Scalable patient interviews
for optimal virtual care

Using its evidence-based clinical reasoning engine, Kahun handles time consuming tasks within the virtual care workflow to optimize physician time.

Kahun delivers structured, high quality and referenced information to physicians so they are equipped to make the most informed clinical decisions.

Kahun Patient

Time the patient spends with Kahun

Kahun Doctor

Physician time optimized

Kahun Patient 1st

A five-minute query mimics patient-physician interaction using Kahun’s clinical reasoning medical knowledge map.

Kahun Physician Portal

Summary of questions, results, prognosis advisory, EHR integration, recommended lab tests, and thorough analysis