Clinical Insights for Your Care Setting

Kahun's X-Gen-AI solution closes the clinical value gap by delivering explainable AI clinical support and enabling transparent, explainable gen-AI in healthcare


Kahun’s trusted clinical AI solutions support physicians in their day-to-day

Hospital & healthcare systems

Hospitals & healthcare systems use Kahun’s clinical tools to support physicians at the point of care in clinical triage, assessments, care planning, and more.

Automated patient intake & assessment

Remote triage

Care plan support

Prof. David Seltzer

VP of Emergency Medicine at Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center

Kahun leverages AI to free up medical staff to perform medical operations that cannot be performed by AI systems, thus boosting the overall quality of care our patients receive.”

Healthcare software

Healthcare innovators and software companies leverage Kahun’s clinical reasoning capabilities and evidence-based medical knowledge.

Safe implementation of genAI: grounded in peer-reviewed medical literature

Transparency & explainability with every insight

Newfound provider trust & adoption

Dr. Jeffrey Drazen, M.D.

Editor for NEJM Group

NEJM Healer medical experts harness the AI-driven content from Kahun to create highly-curated illness scripts to expand our case library and help educators teach clinical reasoning through deliberate practice.”

Independent Physicians & Physician Groups

Individual physicians and physician groups transform every day patient care using Kahun’s clinical tools at the point of care. Physicians leverage Kahun for intake, patient assessments, care planning, and more.

Time reduction: Accelerate intake & automate patient assessments

Cognitive burden relief: Co-pilot support helping you every step of the way

Increase patient acquisition & satisfaction

Robert Rodriguez

CEO of Helix Virtual Medicine

Partnering with Kahun allows us to streamline the intake process and support a case management approach.”

Mapped medical knowledge at your fingertips

Mapped medical knowledge at your fingertips
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