Making telehealth more intelligent

With a digital solution that reduces time and burden on physicians while maintaining quality of care.

Kahun Intelligent Telehealth

Kahun conducts a dynamic, in-depth review of patient’s findings to deliver an accurate pre-consultation triage, helping physicians to focus on the most relevant aspects of the patient’s medical history.

A digital health portal that replicates a physician’s clinical reasoning process

Kahun ChatbotKahun ChatbotKahun ChatbotKahun ReasoningKahun Knowledge GraphKahun ChatbotKahun Chatbot

Patient interaction is summarized in detail and auto-integrated with the EHR

Trusted, comprehensive insight that considers all the options

Clinical insight and transparency that physicians can trust

Relying on knowledge cited in peer-reviewed articles and medical textbooks, physicians can trace each clinical recommendation to the original medical publication to support clinical decisions in primary care, emergency units, and internal department settings.

Kahun Clinical Insights & Transparency

Kahun integrates patients’ clinical data from EHR or RPM

In addition patient-entered data, Kahun’s analysis can also include other clinical data such as CBCs, urine and RPM generated data, offering to a fuller picture to assist in diagnosis.

Kahun Integrates clinical data

Kahun can indicate rare diseases

Kahun indicates rare disease