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Eitan Ron, Co-Founder and CEO

October 3, 2022

We are more than proud to announce our $8M seed round, which brings us to a total of $13M in funding. In addition, we are excited to welcome our new partners – the visionary team from LocalGlobe, led by Julia Hawkins, and the European Innovation Council (EIC) fund. The LocalGlobe and the EIC fund will be joining our existing investors Uri Levin and The Founders Kitchen, who have been there from the very beginning, supporting us in bringing Kahun’s vision to life.

Four years ago, my co-founder and childhood friend Tal and I joined forces with our former LivePerson colleague, Dr. Michal Tzuchman-Katz, who brought her medical expertise and vision to start what became Kahun. A few months later, we were launching our first version and brought on additional trusted team members. Fast forward to now, Kahun is performing as the clinical reasoning engine of healthcare organizations globally including telemedicine, home care and EHR companies. Additionally, our amazing team has grown to more than 25 top-notch talents including doctors, software engineers, product managers and business development rockstars (and we're thrilled to welcome six Kahun babies and two Kahun weddings over this time!) We are lucky enough to always have a doctor at the office and they (happily!) answer all the medical questions other employees have about their kids:).

Many advancements and shifts have happened in the industry since Kahun was established. During the past two years, in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, the industry took a major leap forward with shifting a lot of the healthcare “traffic” towards virtual care, putting the patients and physicians health first. Backed by regulatory adjustments, these changes helped with accessibility and provided solid grounds for mass adoption of digital solutions for virtual care. We are thrilled to be a part of this movement, introducing software that helps health organizations fight physician fatigue and burnout while providing better care for patients.

When we started the company four years ago, we focused on mapping medical knowledge from its core and building an AI algorithm that could apply real-time clinical reasoning on the mapped medical data. We thought, there is a massive amount of medical data out there, from textbooks to medical articles, it is pretty unbelievable that in the 21st century physicians still need to rely on their own memory and mountains of textual knowledge to do their job. 

With that grand vision in mind, our then small team got to work and created Kahun’s medical “map”, our knowledge graph, which today holds more than 30 million evidence-based medical insights, all linked directly to the originating sources in medical literature.

Earlier this year , we launched an application that utilizes our technology and massive knowledge map to help physicians with “live” clinical assessments of their patients, prior to the visit. By connecting our clinical reasoning capabilities to each specific patient, we started helping healthcare providers take advantage of an immense amount of knowledge as they practice without having them change their workflow or increase the time of the visit.

Our mapped knowledge is already used by one of the most professional clinical institutions out there- The New England Journal of Medicine. Moreover, our solution is used by a growing number of telemedicine companies from around the world. Our partners see more patients without compromising the quality of care, standardize their clinical intake processes and empower non-clinical healthcare staff. We’re building the future of how healthcare providers receive information about their patients. 

We’re humbly proud to close this impressive seed round of funding in a time of financial uncertainty. Our promise to our trusted partners, customers and investors is to continue our growth path in improving the lives of healthcare providers and patients.

We started with clinical assessment and are moving quickly into the future, leveraging our AI engine and the largest map of medical knowledge ever created, each step of the way.

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