Evidence-based AI designed to think like a doctor

Medical experts have been relying on text-based medical knowledge for millennia, relying on longstanding experience and searching for insights on how to better examine, understand, and diagnose disease correctly, from minor rashes to rare maladies.

Today’s digital scape grants access to over 30 million medical publications, yet the burden still remains.

It’s virtually impossible to memorize so much data, and, in a demanding work environment, physicians often don’t have the luxury of time to browse publications, cross-verify symptoms, and formulate a thorough diagnosis.

Kahun AI

Driven by a strong conviction in the need to map vast textual, evidence-based medical knowledge and facilitate better medical practice, we launched Kahun, a digital medical advisor that thinks like a doctor.

Kahun constructs the first assessment using the patient’s input and provides recommendations for further evaluation to help physicians properly asses and diagnose the patient’s claim.

By developing technology that follows the same building blocks physicians are trained by and in which they could trust, Kahun serves as the medical CPU of every practice, helping to reduce the burden on physicians, improve patient interaction and deliver better care.

The AI Doctor that’s always on call

Kahun - The AI Doctor that’s always on call

Kahun facilitates interactions with tens of thousands of patients every day and is quickly becoming an integral part of the medical dialogue, from university education tools for resident studies, trusted digital health platforms, and the in-practice ecosystem. But Kahun’s AI capabilities don’t stop there. We are constantly increasing our knowledge, adding new sub-specialties beyond primary care, with additional language capabilities in the pipeline.